Nat Geo Adventure TV – Diego Buñuel’s Don’t Tell My Mother, I’m In Serbia, Johannesburg, Dhaka & Lagos (promo)

perghhhh best la plak aku tengok mamat ni jalan2 travel mcm ni kan

aku pun rasa nak buat sekali la. filming dalam HDtv pasal jalan2 kat pakistan ni

mamat ni pernah jugak la datang pakistan, aku ada blog pasal dia dulu2

Don’t Tell My Mother – the Balkans

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Don’t Tell My Mother criss-crosses the globe as Diego stops in burgeoning mega-cities – some plagued by the overwhelming demands that come along with housing millions of residents.  But all these cities are riding high on the hopes of newcomers arriving daily in search of opportunity.  Whether he is spending the night in one of the most dangerous parts of São Paolo with a group of graffiti artists inspiring radical social change, dressing in drag in Dhaka or drag racing through Johannesburg, Diego reveals the heart and soul of these diverse metropolises.

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tapi memang best la cara dia buat filming, mmg pro beb!

aku rasa dia mmg ada banyak buat homework la kan, sebab tempat yg dia pergi mmg jarang org pergi

tempat yang sungguh berbahaya dan jarang pelancong nak datang

tuh yang banyak sket kena buat kajian dan wikipedia lah kot

bukannya senang nak travel dan rakamkan semua benda yang kita buat kan

mmg leceh. aku lepas ni kena beli buku nota la terus

digicam ngan iphone nak snap pics je. laptop nak transfer data and research

buku nota still kena ada dengan pen nak catit segala catatan perjalanan, else lupa siot ok

memang paling berkesan still pakai buku nota dengan pen la kan

x payah pakai battery mcm digicam or iphone or pakai letrik mcm laptop

hehe dah la kat pakistan neh berlambak tempat yang still kena loadshedding lagi kan

hehe time to shop for a travel notebook la kot. lonely planet travel guide mmg kena ada gak

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kat bawah ni semua promo pasal series don’t tell my mother ni, mmg menarik nak tengok siot

aku x sure samada astro ada ke idak nat geo adventure channel ni

Don’t Tell My Mother – Johannesburg

Johannesburg, South Africa, is infamous for its violent crime, AIDS and its history of apartheid. Any one of these challenges might strangle the life of a city, but not Joburg. Foreign correspondent Diego Bunuel travels deep below the earths surface, shoots his way out of a home invasion and even practices some pirouettes to find out what makes this city of extremes tick.

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Don’t Tell My Mother – Dhaka

Dhaka, Bangladesh, is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and densely populated. But amidst the frenzied streets, energetic creativity bubbles up in the most unlikely places. Foreign correspondent Diego Bunuel peddles and paddles through the chaotic capital and finds everything from cross-dressing detectives to pop-star construction workers.

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Don’t Tell My Mother – Lagos

Home to some 18 million people, Lagos, Nigeria is known for epic traffic jams, poverty, and pollution. Yet thousands of newcomers arrive there every day in hopes of finding a better life. Foreign correspondent Diego Bunuel crisscrosses Lagos to find out why. With a turn in a Nollywood film production and some daring transportation methods, Diego discovers the creative and inventive spirit of the Lagosians who survive and thrive in this overwhelming metropolis.


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