My WP-Admin Folder Has Been Attacked With This Kinda Of CORE.**** Files !

this will be some kinda techie stuffs for u

just say “good luck” in the comment’s box should u not understand this post at all

i will not be offended. period.

my wp-admin folder has been attacked by this some kinda core.XXXX files

tried to contact sam of serverfreak but to no avail

sam himself cannot solve the problem

quite frustrated but i know it’s not sam’s responsibility to solve any wp matters rite ?

so here i am searching for my own solution.

and u know me la kan.

kalau tak dapat solve a prob sure tak leh tido punya. haha

u see i purchased this 11gb of diskspace to get all my 3 blogs running smoothly

that’s a big amount of space. but still no match with my 160gb lappie harddisk

yesterday i noticed that there’s something wrong with my blog

everything seems to running out of normality. things are getting slower

tonight when i tried to upload a new theme (ya saya memang suka2 je tukar theme ok)

there’s an error message like below

encountered errors during transfers.

can’t change directory to /public_html/wp-content/themes

wtf. i can’t change my own folder ?

why is that so meh !

i message sam of serverfreak and he alerted me to these kinda core.**** files

i checked my wp-content/www and found lots of these core.**** files

sam did manually deleted all these files and my blog keep running smoothly

me very happy lor !

happy blogger makes a happy nation ok !

but they say “ku sangkakan panas hingga ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengah hari”

about an hour later i found that the core.**** files been bloated in the same folder

wtf II. hampeh II.

i tried to deactivated all the plug-ins. victory seems to be far away.

the files keep on eating my diskspace like piranha.

i am amazed. i found myself swimming at amazon

suddenly i tried to google for the solutions

u know la pakcik google kan.

sure ada solution punya. haha

google punya google. then hampir2 la nak dapat solution

sekali mcm tak percaya takde solution dowh

even pun takde solution

aku dah pening. bila aku pening aku akan berbahasa rojak passemboq

macam sekarang neh

sorilah kalau korang terpaksa baca repekan aku kali neh. haha

jeng jeng jeng. u know me la kan.

takkan boleh tido punya kalau tak dapat solution

i noticed that there’s an error log with a 2gb of size sleeping in the same folder…..

sesedap ko je error log eh ! nak lepak dalam tuh

dah la size 2gb. obes siot !

tak boleh jadik neh

aku download this 2gb of files. and then bukak dengan notepad

korang tahu apa yang aku jumpa.

aku dah jumla lights at the end of the tunnel !

hahahahahahahaah siap la korang !

aku dah jumpa the culprit dowh….. gua berjaya !

aku perasan punya la banyak error from the rss feed kat side bar aku

so solution dia ialah – delete dulu all the rss feed

and then voila !

semua masalaha core.**** tadi dah takde dah !

haha bila serverfreak tak leh solve. takde solution kat forum. hehe

pakcik google jauh sekali la kan

aku jugak yang boleh solve !

hampeh jugak la kan. haha

so sapa2 ada masalah yang sama

boleh lah rujuk kat sini kalau nak dapat solution dia….. huhu

thanks to sam of serverfreak

and to pakcik google sekali la kans. ahaks

mind u i am not a techie guy ok.

haha <— bongkak siot ko knizam ! haha


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