“Malaysian Tourism Rep in Taipei Nabbed for Molesting Woman” ?

kes mcm ni pun ada ek ? hehe 🙂

sungguh tak bermoral la kan

M’sian tourism rep in Taipei nabbed for molesting woman
TAIPEI (May 22, 2008): A Malaysian tourism promotion representative was arrested for sexually molesting a female shop assistant.

Ahmad Junaidy Yahya, deputy director of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board’s representative office in Taiwan, was detained Tuesday (May 20) evening at the Asia World Shopping Mall in Taipei, the Liberty Times reported today.

Smelling of alcohol after attending a dinner party, Junaidy went to the Asia World Shopping Mall and tried to chat up a shop assistant. He groped the woman’s back and private parts.

When the alleged victim screamed, Junaidy tried to flee but was stopped by shopping mall security guards.

Police took Junaidy to the police station for questioning, according to the Liberty Times. He was released yesterday morning after he apologised to the victim and asked for a private settlement.

The victim agreed to Junaidy’s release but reserved the right to press charges of sexual harassment.

Junaidy, an employee of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB), was dispatched in 2005 to Taipei. He is currently deputy director of the MTPB’s representative office in Taipei, which is in charge of promoting Malaysia to Taiwan tourists.

Janice Lai Seh-chen, director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau, said the incident was Junaidy’s personal matter and would not affect tourism ties between Taiwan and Malaysia, the Liberty Times reported, reports dpa.

In Kuala Lumpur, the board’s director-general Datuk Mirza Mohammed Taiyab told theSun that Junaidy will face disciplinary action when he returns to Malaysia.

He said the board had checked with the authorities in Taipei, and confirmed the incident.

“It was gross misconduct on his part. We will recall him from his station and refer him to the disciplinary board.

“He will come back in a few weeks’ time as he has to sort out his personal matters there,” said Mirza.

Updated: 11:32AM Thu, 22 May 2008
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