Let’s See The Newly Created Google’s New Favicon !

korang perasan tak apa yang aku perasan ?

yep google dah keluarkan senarai favicon diaorang yang baru

aku ingat lagi masa mula2 google keluarkan favicon baru

semua orang mengutuk. haha

1st time google kena kutuk sebab tukar favicon

aku suka semua favicon kat bawah neh

tapi semua neh yg lama la

lepas kena kutuk. google minta peminat dia buatkan favicon baru….

so hari neh diaorang dah keluarkan senarai favicon baru

Back in June, we rolled out a new favicon — the small icon that greets you when you access Google on your URL bar or your bookmarks list — and we encouraged our users to submit their ideas for this important piece of Google branding. We were impressed by the volume of submissions we received, and today we are happy to introduce a new Google favicon inspired by those submissions by our users. While the final icon is a reinterpretation of one contest submission, it draws on design elements and ideas from many of them.

Google’s new favicon

André Resende, a computer science undergraduate student at the University of Campinas in Brazil, submitted the design that inspired our new favicon. His placement of a white ‘g’ on a color-blocked background was highly recognizable and attractive, while seeming to capture the essence of Google.

by André Resende

Although we changed the color layout slightly and moved the ‘g’ off center, his submission formed the basis for our new design. more here

nampak cun la plaks. ahaks

click here ya

aku suka design yang andre buat tuh !

nampak simple huruf g kecik tapi cool

mcm colours of benettin kan… hehe !


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