La Ada Rupanya Earth Hour kat Pakistan, Ingatkan Dah Takde OK

lepas aku balik dinner kat afghan restaurant tadi baru perasan pasal news earth hour tadi

apa2 pun earth hour datang lagi kan

sure seronok candle light dinner kat malaysia tuh kan

takur tercekik tulang je masa nak meratah asam pedas kepala ikan je kan hehe 🙂

kat sini tadi masa main futsal kat F6 pun beberapa kali we all support earth hour sebab berkali2 load shedding

kat pakistan neh tak cukop 5000MW ok

so sehari ada la dalam 5-6 jam kena load shedding. takde la berturutan tapi kena la jugak

seb baik la rumah aku ada diesel generator, so boleh la survive gak

kat luar islamabad mmg lagi teruk la kan. ada aku dengar sampai 8 jam load shedding berturut2

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source here

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani have appealed to the people to join the government in observing the Earth Hour by voluntarily switching off lights in their homes from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on Saturday.

In a message on Friday, Mr Zardari said conservation of natural resources was crucial to creating a sustainable environment.

He urged the people to use resources like electricity wisely “for the good of a maximum number of people”.

In his statement Mr Gilani said the International Earth Hour 2010 afforded Pakistanis the opportunity to demonstrate that they were serious in making a difference to the planet’s environment.

The current electricity crisis underlined the country’s need for additional sources of energy, he said. “But we can also individually and collectively conserve energy by exercising control over our energy use patterns,” added Mr Gilani. —APP


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