Jom Tengok “Blogger Boy” kat 8TV nanti !

haha amendelah

aku hengatkan adalah scene destinase bajet season 3

sekali takdelah pun kat 8TV. hampeh la camni

si Qi ni plak nak keluar ngan series Blogger Boy kat 8TV

hehe aku still harap2 adalah season 3 destinasi bajet kan.

zoom malaysia tuh beb !

anyway visit blogger boy official blog here ok !

– – – – –

Beginning 28 May 2009

A dramedy series that follows the ups & downs of Mr. Average Budy, a 20-something numbers-cruncher working in the city. Away from his mind-numbingly dull job, he has a secret identity on the internet by way of his male confessional comics blog, Budak KL.

Cast Qi , Nas – T , Julie Woon


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