google gulp beta

have you heard about these things called google gulp beta?

Glutamate GrapeWhy drink plain grape juice when you can stimulate your ionotropic and metabotropic receptors and groove to a sugar high? Enhancing your learning and memory functions never sounded sweeter. (Note: excessive amounts of glutamate can cause neuronal damage, so drink responsibly.)

Sugar-Free RadicalWill this antioxidant-rich, low-cal beverage keep you young forever? The results of studies to date haven’t been definitive, but hey, if you stay thin enough, you’ll look good whether or not the theory of free radicals turns out to be correct.

Beta CarrotyWant to be healthy without actually going so far as to eat (shudder) vegetables? Get your daily pick-me-up dose of cancer-fighting carotenoids with this smooth, not all chalky morning smoothie.

Sero-Tonic WaterJust try to stay down once your synapses get a blast of this bubbly concoction whose refreshing blend of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors is perfect for those moments when all your other beverage options just seem soooo depressing.

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