Goodbye Malaysia!

09/10/07: Things that I would do in space!

To all Malaysians ,

I am truly honored and grateful to all the wishes that I have been getting from all walks of life . The messages keep on pouring in and at this moment , it truly helps me emotionally to prepare myself mentally for my journey to space. Believe me , I read every word of it and it really touches me to do my very best for the nation. I promise to make Malaysia proud. That’s a promise I plan to keep !


Many asked me what kind of food am I bringing to space ? The followings are the menu that has been approved and will be brought up to the ISS.

Biryani Chicken
Satay Ayam
Rendang Tok
Sliced dried Mango
Banana rolls
Ginger Jelly
Roselle Granola Bar
Kuih Raya Bangkit

for angkawasan blog, click here

selamat berjaya doc! semoga selamat pergi dan pulang! 🙂


International Space Station Imagery


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