farewell to my platinum hill pv8 melati utama…

i went to see the sales promoter at the platinum hill pv8 condo show room yesterday. my aim was to cancel my earlier booking of the condo unit which i have reserved before eidulfitr. i’ll miss the type A unit (about 1600sqft!) at the eleventh floor. facing the garden – and not klcc nor the pool.

i can’t hold both setia alam and platinum hill pv8 reservations. giler apa? tapi kalau ada sesaper nak derma, aku pasti boleh hold dua2 bookings. hehehehehehe. so need to let go one. there goes my condo unit at platinum hill pv8. isk isk isk

goodbye platinum hill pv8!

setia alam bids farewell to u! heheheheehheh

p/s – i’ll miss the yellow town in 2009. the sup adabi restaurant, leha kelfood, sate kajang hj samuri or even the mcdonalds at the nearby petronas station. huhuhuhuhuhu

sempat lagi tu amik gambar bakal condo aku 2009 nanti. hahahahahahah


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