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10th Malaysia Plan To Have Provisions For Risk Management !

hah ?

hehe 🙂

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October 03, 2009 19:07 PM

Tenth Malaysia Plan To Have Provisions For Risk Management

BUTTERWORTH, Oct 3 (Bernama) — The Tenth Malaysia Plan (10MP), which is being formulated for implementation in 2011, will have risk management provisions built into the plan to handle challenging economic recessions, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said.

He said there was general consensus that the 10MP must be different from the Ninth Malaysia Plan and incorporate planning, forecast and estimates.

“The 10MP must be comprehensive and have built-in detailed risk analysis to handle financial crisis. It is being prepared during and economic crisis, therefore the plan must map out strategies for all eventualities ” he told reporters at his Hari Raya open house here Saturday.

Nor Mohamed, who is also Member of Parliament for Tasek Gelugor, said the plan was in the final stage of completion with focus placed on rural development especially upgrading of roads, facilities and education infrastructure.

“Officers from the Economic Planning Department and I will go on a road show, from state to state, to meet state government officials, politicians and industry captains to take note of the peoples’ need.

Liability Insurance Conference 2009 by MII at KL !

hehe dah lama plak rasanya tak attend conference kan

kali neh kena pergi this conference la plaks. ahaks

biasanyer dulu2 aku asyik pergi sap conference adjer

setakat sap summIT tu setiap tahun la aku akan pergi

sap customer day x payah cakap la kan. hehe tetiap bulan ada la kot. hehe 🙂

dengan ekonomi global yang tak menentu sekarang

insurance industry pun affected jugak kan

the recent global economic crisis mmg berjangkit kat risk management plak

hehe insurance actually as a tool for risk management ok. hehe 🙂

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so aku akan busy la berseminar dua hari neh.

expect live blogging je lah kan.

hehe 🙂


latent defects…

haish !

kena buat some reading a plaks

haha reading 1 & reading 2 (x mcm reading pun!) haha


Risk Exposure of the District Cooling Services @ Middle East …

need to take a look at this topic urgently

need to digest all the info. dig all the resources

no. i am not a technical guy ok

i am a non-technical person.

hehe 😕


“Project Risk Managament Handbook – Threats and Opportunities”… Dowh ! Tebalnyer Nak Kena Baca Neh… Haha !

haish !

sometimes i wonder

why can’t they make such a boring topic interesting ?

topik dah la tak menarik

pastu panjang berjela2

takde graphic plak tuh

hampeh je haha.

mati la kalau consultant neh paham bahasa melayu & baca post neh

if only reading this book is so much fun like blogging

(dream on KNizam !)

sure aku boleh buat banyak duit kan… hehe

tunggu la aku buat buku sendiri nanti

sure banyak graphic dan menarik…. cam blogging. haha