blogging from lumut orchard inn

now that i am blogging from the vip room of lumut orchard inn.

of course la kat lumut kan.

bilik yang best. so cool and cold.

heheheheh semua orang dah balik.

kat sini ada wireless.

mula2 tadi ingat nak tukar dok kat tempat lain before depart to pangkor island beach resort esok. tapi orchard inn ini ada broadband plak. wireless and free lagi. what more would i want kan. heheheheheeh 🙂

badan sakit2.

penat giler after training and tournament mighty duck 2007 just now at turf hockey stadium manjung.

hehehehe best giler tournament tadi.

so puas hati. hehehehehe 🙂

bilik ip neh luas giler. memang puas hati la kan. tandas pun bersih. heheheheeh memang recommended la. i will blog for this lumut orchard inn later eh. heheheheheh 🙂


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