Awas Dengan Conficker Virus 1 April 2009 !

malas aku nak kabo lagi dah

korang tengok je lah vid kat bawah neh ok

biasalah virus or penggodam akan pilih tarikh2 yang cukop cool kan

hehe harap2 semua selamatlah esok kan. hehe

susah2 update adjer anti-virus korang

or jauhkan from internet buat sementara waktu

or jangan pakai IE. haha

source here

Worried about the Conficker worm striking on April 1st? A few simple steps can protect you.

Target: All users of Windows XP and Windows Vista.

If you’re worried about the Conficker worm striking on April 1st, don’t be.

On April 1st the Conficker worm will simply start taking more steps to protect itself. After that date, machines infected with the “C” variant of the worm may not be able to get security updates or patches from Microsoft and from many other vendors. The creators of the worm will also start using a communications system that is more difficult for security researchers to interrupt.

The Conficker worm, sometimes called Downadup or Kido has managed to infect a large number of computers. Specifics are hard to come by, but some researchers estimate that millions of computers have been infected with this threat since January. Current users of Symantec’s Norton security products are protected. Users who lack protection are invited to download a trial version of Norton AntiVirus 2009,Norton Internet Security 2009 or Norton 360. All of these products will detect and remove this worm. Symantec has a detailed technical analysis of the threat here.

Watch CBS correspondent Leslie Stahl talk to Steve Trilling, Symantec VP Security Technology & Response, on 60 Minutes about the impact of the Conficker worm.


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