Astro Nak Naikkan Lagi Harga Pakej Bermula Ogos 2009 !

haha tadi aku terbloghop kat blog zamz off on the blog

ternampak dia post pasal bendalah ni

haha astro nampaknya nak naikkan harga pakej diaorang lagi

dah la next year ada world cup 2010 kan.

click here for a bigger image

baru je lancarkan measat baru2 neh dah nak naikkan pakej ya

takpe aku dengan pantasnya telah change pakej aku from rm104.95 per month kepada rm71.95 per month je

haha kalau aku tak buat apa2 surelah next month bill aku akan jadi rm104.95 tambah lagi rm12

hampeh ke apa diaorang neh

dah la belum digital version lagi

aku ada hdtv tapi sebab astro hampeh, tak merasa lah lagi digital channel kan

rtm pun dah announce nak jadi digital nanti

astro ?

hampeh je lebih. nak harap measat je

pastu setiap kali hujan, semua channel masuk longkang depan rumah

dan aku x perlukan nasihat2 sebegini encik astro ya !

usahlah tertipu dengan tips2 yang mcm tuh ok

geram je. haha

puas hati aku dapat downgrade pakej. save banyak tuh beb

dulu aku amik pakej residential family + 4mini + sports + movies

aku decide nak let go movies ngan news

bukannya aku selalu tengok movies pun

movies kat astro pun dah macam hampeh je sekarang neh kan

betterlah aku beli dvd or torrent je kan. haha

news lagi lah. baik aku tengok kat internet

– – – – –

so jomlah ramai2 downgrade programme astro neh

kasi diaorang tertekan sket.


– – – – –

source here ok

Astro’s Sports Package
» Click the question to read answer.
How much is the price increase for the Sports Package?
There will be an addition of RM12 across any packages that includes sports. This means that if you are currently on the Basic package + 1 Mini Package + Sports at RM54.95 per month, your new price will be RM66.95 per month.

The increase of RM12, which is equal to one cinema ticket, works out to be an additional 40 sen daily for which you and your family get to enjoy non stop premium and live sports programmes on 5 channels.

Why is there a need for a revision in the Sports Package price?
Content cost is rising year on year, more so sports content. Key sports content is expensive. Astro is unable to continue to absorb the sky-rocketing costs of sports contents indefinitely.

The re-price of the Sports Package will help offset some but not all of the high cost of the sports content that has been substantially borne by Astro, making it possible for our customers to continue to enjoy world class, premium, live sports events.

Even with the price revision, Astro Sports package remains the lowest priced sports package in the region, offering 24 hours of premium, live and world class sports events over 5 channels.

When will the new price for Sports Package be effective?
The new price will take effect from your next bill statement that is in the month of August.
Can I cancel my Sports Package and do I have to pay a penalty for the cancellation? How much is the penalty?
Between 23rd July and 15th September 2009, all customers of the Astro Sports Package can change the combination of their Astro packages without incurring any charges for switching fee. The grace period is applicable only to customers with the Sports Package in their package mix.Changes to your Astro package can be made via our website at You can also send us a fax at 03 – 9543 7333, email us at or call us at 1-300 82 3838.
With the increase in Sports Package, what would be the cost of the different packages?
It will depend on the combination of packages. For example, if you are currently on the Basic package + 1 Mini Package + Sports at RM54.95 per month, your new price will be RM66.95 per month. Kindly refer to this Rate Card for a comprehensive list of the package combinations and their respective charges.
If I keep my Sports Package but downgrade/upgrade my other packages, will I have to pay a penalty? How much do I have to pay for penalty?
No switching fee will incur if you change your package between 23rd July and 15th September 2009. The grace period is applicable only to customers with the Sports Package in their package mix.
What happens if I have made pre-payment through direct debit?
Customers who are currently on the pre-payment plan with 3, 6 or 12 months billing frequency will only be impacted upon renewal of the pre payment scheme. This means the new Sports Package price will not take effect till your next billing cycle.
Is there going to be a price increase for other packages too?
This price increase only applies to customers who subscribes to the Astro Sports package. While Astro will continue to practise rigorous cost discipline, rising content costs mean that price revisions are unavoidable.


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