Apa Ko Hengat Kat Stadium Je Boleh Ber Vuvuzela, Kat iPhone Aku Pun Boleh OK! Haha :)

hampeh betul la bila tengok game ada vuvuzela ni

takpe ko hengat ko je ada vuvuzela kat stadium  tu

aku pun ada la kat rumah ni ok.

mempersembahkan vuvuzela in your iPhone & Android sekali

amik ko! haha. Cukup WaKa WaKa iPhone gua sekarang

eh waitseminit. ianya akan lagi WaKa WaKa kalau Apple dapat deliver iPhone 4 sekarang jugak !  haha

– – – – –  – –

special utk sapa2 yg tak tahu lagi apakejadah vuvuzela ni, check kat bawah

source here

A vuvuzela, sometimes called a “lepatata” (its Setswana name) or a stadium horn, is a blowing horn, approximately one metre in length, commonly blown by fans at football matches in South Africa. They require some lip and lung strength to blow and emit a loud monotone like a foghorn or an elephant.[1] A similar instrument (known as corneta in Brazil and Latin American countries) is used by football (soccer) fans in South America.[citation needed]

Vuvuzelas have been controversial.[2] They have been associated with permanent noise-induced hearing loss[3], a possible safety risk when spectators can’t hear evacuation announcements[4], potentiality spreading colds and flu germs on a greater scale than coughing or shouting[5][6]. Commentators have described the sound as “annoying” and compared it with “a stampede of noisy elephants,”[7] “a deafening swarm of locusts”[8] and “a goat on the way to slaughter”[9].


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