yesteryears of kuala lumpur

received these images via email.

who would have ever thought that those pictures pictured below are actually the photographic memory of our own town, kuala berlumpur or kuala lumpur. once discovered by yap ah loy, kuala lumpur @ kl has been developed as a modern metropolitan as seen today. the kampung has become concrete jungle. no more rivers, instead we do have the concrete so-called rivers (or sewerage). yap ah loy’s jaws will dropped if he sees what kl is today, will he?



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4 responses to “yesteryears of kuala lumpur

  1. Itu momento yang tak dapat kita lupakan….


  2. xsangka kemajuan kl begitu cepat..


  3. hi, tks for linking my blog to yours. btw, do u still have the email of old pix of kuala lumpur? i dont mind posting some of them on my blog.



  4. oh~ sukeeeee tgk gambar2 bangunan & tempat2 lama 😀
    erm.. rasanye pic #1 tu amik dr BBGS nye website


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