WordPress 2.6 Is Available ! Please Update Now ! Anyone Tested It ?

as usual i am quite worried 😥

not sure if this latest version will work with my plugins or not ❗

anyone tried it ?

😀   download here

By Matt. Filed under Releases.

I’m happy to announce that version 2.6 of WordPress.org is now available, almost a month ahead schedule. Version 2.6 “Tyner,” named for jazz pianist McCoy Tyner, contains a number of new features that make WordPress a more powerful CMS: you can now track changes to every post and page and easily post from wherever you are on the web, plus there are dozens of incremental improvements to the features introduced in version 2.5.

else there’s auto-update button at your dashboard! hehe

here’s the vid by matt


aku paling suka function baru kat bwh neh. hehe :up:

Theme Previews: See it before your audience does

Now when you select a theme it pops up a window that shows the theme live with all your content, instead of immediately making it active on your site. This is great for just test driving themes before making a switch over publicly, and it is also helpful when you are developing a theme and need to test it but don’t want everybody to see your ongoing mistakes development.

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14 responses to “WordPress 2.6 Is Available ! Please Update Now ! Anyone Tested It ?

  1. aku still pakai wp2.3.3. lagi sedap~

    NoktahHitam’s last blog post..What Birthday Means


    KNizam Reply:

    nh : la ye ke. aku kira adv la. hehe aku dah update makanmalaya, seb baik semua ok. kejap lagi nak update knizam.com plak 🙄


  2. best ke? x update lagi… apa benda yg baru? or just minor updates? kalo gitu tunggu next version r…huhu 🙂

    izzat’s last blog post..Add and Drop Session Ends


  3. izzat : paling ketara button nak add image dah hilang. haha :mrgreen:


  4. pakcik dah update.. semua plugin boleh digunakan… tgh godek2 lagi…

    Uncle G’s last blog post..Buang daki dalam windows registry anda!..


  5. uncle G : hehe tahniah! :up:


  6. et : overall takde la rasa sangat. cuma button nak insert image dah hilang! sekali check ada kat atas nun. cara insert image pun dah lain. hehe ❗


  7. Aku dah update semalam – tak de beza langsung pun dengan 2.5.2.

    Shah’s last blog post..Cozy Corner


  8. shah : beza kat button nak insert image jer. hehe :mrgreen:


  9. masalah dia.. plugin pakcik tak boleh nak hapdet… kena hapdet manual…

    Uncle G’s last blog post..Buang daki dalam windows registry anda!..


  10. uncle G : saya pun ader gak 1 plug in yg kaput. tapi plug in yg x penting la. hehe terus disable adjer. 🙄


  11. Tried the latest version. So far so good. Plugins work well. I like the Theme Preview function. Can’t find any bugs at the moment, just upgraded yesterday. =)

    Daniel’s last blog post..busy busier busiest


  12. daniel : also like the theme previewer. hehe 😐


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