water woes & spoilt syabas hotline 1-800-88-5252

have u been in a state of water woes?

i mean all in a sudden, when u open the sink tap, there’s no sign of water flowing in? i have had mine just now. i am very upset. there’s no warning message nor notices sent by syabas on this kinda water woes just now.

where have all the customer service centric gone eh?

glad that i still connected to my streamyx. upon surfing the syabas website, i found this toll free number – 1-800-88-5252. a very nice number indeed. but wait. will the caller and the end of the line be nice to me too?

i tried to call this number and all i get is this standard answering machine saying:

“nombor freephone telekom yang anda dail dihadkan untuk kawasan tertentu. ianya tidak ditawarkan dari kawasan yang anda dail”


i can’t believe my eyes nor my ears.

hey syabas! i am calling from taman melawati la. how come that toll free number is not covered here?

please tell me that this is a mistake of that answering machine. i will be more than please for you to just shut the free phone services instead of leaving customers to call that so-called-cool-number and all they can get is the stupid answer from the end of the line.

buckle up la beb!

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