Walter Gropius at Google Today ! Hehe :)

no i am not an architect by training.

nor an interior designer

fuqaha is an architect in the making. hehe

i am just fascinated with the designs by walter gropius

here is his wikipedia details

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4 responses to “Walter Gropius at Google Today ! Hehe :)

  1. cantik jugak design dia.. mcm bangunan kat putrajaya pakai konsep dia jugak kot..


  2. walopun ko letak blogroll ‘memang lumayan’ me yg paling last ittewww.. me sungguh terharu beb! keep it up..

    en_mes last blog post..nurse’s day


  3. apis17 : hehe mmg cun design empat segi ni. hehe 🙂

    affuan : haha jgn fenin2. 🙂

    en_me : hehe actually ada something wrong ngan rss feed wp neh la. benci betul. haha 🙂


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