Trailer “The Day The Earth Stood Still” Power Beb !

hehe aku pergi kerja2 tiap2 hari sure lalu federal highway

selalu nampak iklan filem neh – the day the earth stood still

keanu reeves yang berlakon

cam gempak je kan trailer dia. hehe

lagi best kalau dapat tengok trailer via youtube widescreen ! haha

hehe cerita hollywood neh kan, balik2 pasal kemusnahan bumi kan

A remake of the 1951 classic sci-fi film about an alien visitor and his giant robot counterpart who visit Earth more

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6 responses to “Trailer “The Day The Earth Stood Still” Power Beb !

  1. baru dgr pasal tajuk nie..hehe..maybe aku pun kena lalu federal highway..hoho


  2. hi knizam,
    blog awak nih best la..alexa pown power gk..huhu..keep in touch yer


  3. aman : hehe check kat blog je. hehe :$:


  4. zul : hehe thanks 👿


  5. tajuk citer ni dlm bahasa melayu: hari di mana bumi pegun.. huhu!!


  6. budeen : perghhhhh sungguh cool la tajuk dia 😀


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