tm hari raya open house 2007 now! :)

weeeehheee tm buat open house hari neh. kejap lagi je neh 🙂

habis meeting boleh makan2 then caaalooooo ke manjung jumpa budak koleq. huhuhu

cayalah tm! terima kasih tm! saya mustiii piiliih! hahahahahaha

Subject: Invitation to TM Hari Raya Open House 2007

Dear All,

We wish to inform that all Menara TM  Tenant are cordially invited to the TM Hari Raya Open House 2007 as follows:
Date     :    Friday, 2nd November 2007

Time    :    5.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.

Venue  :    Menara TM Lobby

 Since the event will be centralized at the Ground Floor Lobby, entrance to the lobby will be closed and the Registration Counter will be shifted to the Lower Ground effective from Thursday,  1st  Nov. 07 until Saturday, 3rd Nov. 07. The operation will be back to the normal arrangement by Sunday, 4th Nov. 2007.

Your understanding & cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated.

 See you there!

 Thank you & best regards,

 Tenant Management Unit

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4 responses to “tm hari raya open house 2007 now! :)

  1. selambe tak jemput supplier TM. better yet, customer TM. hahaha.

    i think everyone kt msia customer TM. thanks to the landline monopoly :p


  2. edwin : hahahah bajet diaorang cam sket je. anyway best gak la open house semalam. heheheh


  3. keje tm ka? ulalallaa..


  4. sikulat : nope 🙂


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