it’s 2030hrs 🙂

just came back from kangar.

too tired to post anything except for this post

need to rest. dah penat giler beb!

i will blog bout what happened at kangar later ya 🙂

till then…. zzzzzz

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6 responses to “tired…

  1. u’ve been tagged, check my blog, padan muka and good luck!!! hehe

    weh ad bigmac tu membuatkan aku lapar lah! arrrghh!

    Jingga Studies’s last blog post..Very Unusual Tag…


  2. jingga studies : haha malasnyer nak buat tag mengetag neh. nantilah aku buatkan. hehe 🙂


  3. asik berjalan jer.. mestilah fenat beb.. pls take rest

    en_me’s last blog post..yaasir is walking, for the first time


  4. en_me : hehe nak kena 2/3 days baru recover ni. 🙂


  5. result takde kee


  6. maen : kalah lah. haha 🙂


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