they travel far and wide for this pau!

read nst today and you’ll notice something on mckk and the famous yut loy kopitiam

click at the image to view the bigger version via my flickr fellas!

or just click below adjer la okey!

from mcoba offiside and direct from nst online

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2 responses to “they travel far and wide for this pau!

  1. ko tak nak tambah post, cerita yang keluar star hari ni pasal budak form 4 kena belasah dengan batch sendiri?


  2. hahahaha aku x sempat nak baca the star. dorsett bagi nst la pagi nih

    tapi aku dah baca yg online nyer. hampeh keluar town just nak makan laksa. giler x cool langsung. hehhe


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