the new pavilion kl!

remember the site for bukit bintang girls school or bbgs at the centre of kl? yeap. the one facing jw marriot and westin hotel. not forgetting opposite kl plaza? now that there’s a new shopping complex being erected at that actual site.

it’s the pavilion! bukannya pv tribe okay. hehehehe. heheheeh besar giler siot shopping complex neh. launched today. witnessed by my bro, one of the interior designer for that complex.

but what’s inside?

u’ll get all the famous designer labels and fine dining. they called it gourmet emporium! heheheheh cam hampes jer bunya dia kan. sehengat aku perkataan emporium neh dulu2 ada la kan.

yang kat bawah ni bangunan mengadap pavilion ie LV nyer designer label la kan. mcm la cun banget dowh! hehehehe

yang kat bawah neh pokok masa aku kat marriot hotel, tengah tempah buffet buka puasa. hehehe

hah ni la marriot hotel. mcm best je hotel neh kan.

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5 responses to “the new pavilion kl!

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  2. ape benda komen di atas ni, anyway, buboq pakatan tnb nampak sodap. and juadah berbukak u pun yum yum je, beli tang mana laksa tu? pekat kuah dia..

    marriot tu maybe best and all but toilet dia huhuhu…
    ari tu yg i dak berleter bout toilet in my blog is this lah..

    but anyway, how much buffet dia?me and my colleagues are gonna try quality hotel kl punya end of this month. tak tau la sedap ke tak.
    any suggestions?


  3. kawaii : itulah dinamakan tag posting. dia cuba linkkan kat web dia


  4. haa..mcm bes je tmpt parking camne?mahal ker?sure tmpt ni jem gile..klcc tu k la gak jalan die adoii..ntah ntah..


  5. syaida : parking rate kalau tak salah dalam rm3.50/hr. 🙂


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