the mean kitty song

really cool vid. so cute cat here 🙂

If you have a cat, I’m sure you can relate, lol. I originally wrote the song because I didn’t want to do a simple talking blog about my Sparta’s little biting problem and I also wanted to show my friends back home in Turlock what my new place in Thousand Oaks looks like.. BTW, trying to get a cat to perform for a music video… nearly impossible! lol Thanks for watching : )

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2 responses to “the mean kitty song

  1. huhuhu kiutnya kucin tu…!!
    kan ada proverb english which says as playful as a kitten…

    dulu i penah ada kitty yg buat my bro traumatized sampai dia tak berani nak jalan on the floor if the kitty’s around huu

    but still cats are darn cute!


  2. kawaii : yep mmg cute kucing neh


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