tarzan the cartoon in malay & other languages

sedap la lagu tarzan by zainal abidin nih

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6 responses to “tarzan the cartoon in malay & other languages

  1. I really love to hear and watch the videos in your page. but since you’ve already put recite of al quran, I think dat it’s not proper to do so…. however, it’s nice to listen it espcially on this greatest month


  2. leezs : jgn risau click je pause button tuh. hehehehe 🙂


  3. 😎 macamana nak download video tarzan


  4. zabidin : pakai je downloadhelper plugin firefox senang sket. hehe:)


  5. mmg prihatin betul la zam nih…
    komen on entry zaman 2007 pun dia masih reply…..

    moxs terharue….. 😥 😥 😥


  6. moxs : hehe semua comments kena reply. hehe 🙂


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