Survival KL ’09 – Come Save Our Earth for 2050 & Beyond at Pusat Sains Negara !

perghhh aku nampak pasal iklan neh kat buletin utama

kalau tak silap aku pasal lantai yang sebijik mcm kolam ikan koi

real dowh ! memang ko akan berpijak di atas air yang bawahnya ada ikan2 koi

memang cukop teruja

apa lagi tunggu !

pi lah ke pusat sains negara


pusat sains negara bukan di jb….. haha

tidak juga di jasin ok

kat bawah sedikit sebanyak info pasal kl ’09 neh !

Entirely scientific and highly factual, The Science of Survival exhibition transports you into the future, to Planet Earth and its ever-changing environment in 2050. It invites you to explore how we humans will all survive on a changing planet in the years to come and what the impact of our actions will be.

You will not be alone in this journey to the future though, you will be accompanied by four very interesting companions. Buz, Eco, Tek and Dug. Four characters from the city of 2050 who will guide you through the exhibition and will help you make choices about everything from the food you eat to the buildings you live in and vehicles you travel in.

The decisions you make will be reflected in the ‘Future City’ at the end of the exhibition – where you’ll see how decisions and choices you made today can affect your life in the years to come.

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