“Steve Jobs Keynote Live From WWDC 2008” from engadget.com

aku memang suka la ngan style steve jobs neh bagi presentation

memang cool giler

kali neh dia talk about iPhone 3G plak ! perghhhhhhh dia mmg cool la !

click below to get to the full report by engadget.com

dengan screen yang crisp. besar plak tuh image belakang dia

dengan font yang cool. apple mmg suka pakai font myriad neh kalo x silap aku la.

hehe bestnyer kalau boleh buat presentation camtuh kan.

this is what the it industry should be la.

keep it simple. but full of surprises ! hehe 🙂

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4 responses to ““Steve Jobs Keynote Live From WWDC 2008” from engadget.com

  1. huhu.. i waited from start, to the end of the LiveKeynote at MacrumorsLive.. but, nothing said about MBP.. i was a bit frustrated.. hehe..

    just realised, you did link my blog here.. TANX BRO

    p/s: my big bro pun budak koleq.. err.. batch mane ek.. 97’98 kalu x silap..


  2. abdusfauzi : hehhe no prob bro 🙂


  3. bila nak sampai sini iphone ni
    will the nseries go down then?

    azwanhadzrees last blog post..The RM625 Rebate. Only A One-Off?


  4. azwan : of course n series will down la masa tuh. lainlah kalau ada model baru kan. hehe 🙂


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