Sony MPK-WA Marine Pack for DSCW1/W5/W7 Digital Cameras

i need this underwater casing la. the pics sold at laguna redang are just too expensive with rm5 per pic.

i wanna take video!


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One response to “Sony MPK-WA Marine Pack for DSCW1/W5/W7 Digital Cameras

  1. Overall the video recording is pretty good, you might not be the next Speilberg using an iPad but for a quick video capture of something while on the go it鈥檚 not too bad. The main limitation is in low light where the shadows get very noisy and have a real blotchy watercolor type effect the noise is so big. Just like I said with the iPad camera review though it is awkward to hold and try to capture photos or video so most people will probably stick to their smart phones to capture video.


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