Solution to “Are You Sure You Want To Do This, Please Try Again” Error in Worpress Is Here ! Hehe :)

thanks to this really informative Q & A website called CMS Development Tracking

i have followed the instructions specified and walla!

my problem as below has been resolved automatically !

thanks to them. hehe 🙂

glad that their blog has helped me. hehe 🙂

their simple solution include :

Q. When trying to upload media files I get the message “Are you sure you want to do that?” with a link telling me to try again. Clicking “Please try again” simply reloads the dashboard into the frame.
A. You may need to disable your plugins one-by-one to find the ‘problem’ plugin. Some older plugins, such as Ryan Duff’s old WP-Contact plugin, have been reported to cause this problem, so check under the Plugins tab to see if your Plugins need updating.

i followed this idea just now.

i did check all my plug-in and then simply click the update automatically link beside each outdated plug-in.

after several updates, i managed to add in back the rss feed at my right side-bar

another wordpress 2.5.1 error resolved !

phewwwwwww now i can blog happily. hehe

a happy blogger will make a happy nation ! haha

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7 responses to “Solution to “Are You Sure You Want To Do This, Please Try Again” Error in Worpress Is Here ! Hehe :)

  1. I followed your advice and found that the 2.6 media loader and my installation of WPIDS plugin are not good friends! 🙁

    I finally know what to fix! Many thanks! Happy bloggers make happy nations!


  2. mark : glad to hear that! hehe 👿


  3. I had the same problem and followed the advice, it worked!!!!
    I am extreamly happy now!!!!



    KNizam Reply:

    tamar : glad to hear that as well. hehe 🙂


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  5. I am still in the setup phase so I just deleted all the plugins and I still am getting the error. I have no plugins installed. Any other ideas?


  6. not finding solution even after applying all the given procedure above
    please help


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