SMART Tunnel Closed Until Further Notice ?

aiyaaaa kenapa boleh jadi mcm ni?

SMART tunnel closed until further notice

PETALING JAYA: The SMART Tunnel has been closed since 6pm Saturday for flood-mitigation works because of heavy rains, and its management is unsure when it will be re-opened.

Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel Sdn Bhd experts will meet Monday to determine when the tunnel can be reopened, a spokesman told The Star.

The company is a joint venture between Gamuda Bhd and Malaysian Mining Corporation Bhd.

Call 1300-88-7188 for further information.

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4 responses to “SMART Tunnel Closed Until Further Notice ?

  1. well that’s not the first time it’s being closed. mesti ada banjir kilat lagi ni… it has been rainingats and dogs lately…

    kawaii_desu’s last blog post..was away for treatment but came back wounded…


  2. aku sangkut 2 jam beb!

    chot’s last blog post..1st time ma..


  3. ditutup untuk menguruskan hujan, atau ditutup sebab tak mampu untuk menguruskan hujan seperti yag digembar-gemburkan?

    azwanhadzree’s last blog post..Sepang, Here I Come


  4. kawaii : ala senang la kalau camtu bagi alasan hujan 🙂

    chot : hahaha kesian kat ko 🙂

    azwan : hehe ntah hape2 ntah diaorang kan. suka menyusahkan rakyat. haha 🙂


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