sap sales order status management

ok this entry is quite techie and technical. i really mean it. this is sap. i am currently studying this some sort of status management wrt to sales order in sap.

anybody uses sap?

anybody familiar with sap img for sales order status management?

what! none….

sometimes i feel like i am alone in this planet configuring this kinda of sap img for sales order status management. so many tables (not ikea tables uh!) to look for and so many things to test before roll-out. shit! sometimes it’s better to be a user rather than the configurator. whether i like or not, i am in dire need of solving this problem.

the problem is, i have no sifu nor someone that i can share my problem with. i am alone here. nope, actually i have the net. yep, the internet. i need to surf the net, meet some people blindly and craving for the answers.

any leads or feedback?

any sap sd consultant out there?

me think have to stick to the net then.

now i am glad that i am not alone anymore.

lights please….

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8 responses to “sap sales order status management

  1. Been there done that..

    But three years back, i’m more on ABAP.. my SD surely rusty nowadays..


  2. hehe..kalau ko nak tau SD table nye relationship aku ada program dia. Tapi nak buat config SD, tak dapek den menolongnya.

    Kalau ko nak list of SD tables and their aku..nanti aku send.


  3. Tau guna SAP utk buat BOM and material master je le..hehe.. What’s happening behind that is not my interest 😀


  4. zeb : hehehehehe i know

    jures : aku dah ada la semua tuh 🙂

    yana : pehal tukar2 avatar neh. hahahahha 🙂


  5. hahaha.. ko tanak try ke?? heeee…


  6. yana : haahah nak la jugak. nanti aku try la. ada tak yang pegang stick hockey ek…..


  7. ada la weh..hahaah.. asyik2 hockey..


  8. yana : hehehehehe mustilah 🙂


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