no valentine. hanya ros untuk mama

My mum is a Superwoman. She has given a child all the loves he needs from their parents. She has sacrifice her needs, her future and above all, her life for our sakes. Well, all mums are made in heaven, and I am glad to know that one day, she will returns to Eden where she deserved it more than anyone I knew. How can I not love her, but why I felt so embarrass to show how much I really love her?

How can I not care for her, yet why it is so difficult for me to prove I really care for her?

How can I not spend time with her, again, why it is always so hard for me to find the time to spend with her?

She, The Superwoman, deserved the roses more that any other woman on the Valentine’s Day.

itu adalah sebahagian artikel oleh sheih @ kickdefella

saya akui yang saya memang menitiskan air mata tatkala saya membaca coretan sheih @ kidkdefella berkenaan ibunya seorang superwoman. memang sungguh terkesan artikel tersebut. tanpa ibu dan bapa siapalah kita dan tidak kita temeui dunia yang fana’ ini.

syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu.

klik di sini untuk membaca artikel superwoman oleh sheih

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4 responses to “no valentine. hanya ros untuk mama

  1. Thanks for introducing sheih…. kickdefella to your bloggers, prior to this he was kikdefella during SIL issue and now instead of kik, it became kick as he centred more on that zzzz fella. I have been following him for quite awhile when i was getting fed-up with some of the other blogs which became an arena of hatred amongst bloggers. For the newcomers you must have missed his movie posters of sort. Through this blog also sheih has mellowed one monster friend of mine whom I might have met during Ahmed Deedat’s visit to M’sia. Thank-you again knizam.


  2. u’re welcome dannali 🙂


  3. dalam kesibukan mencari rezeki di kota, memang saya jarang sekali bercakap dengan kedua ibubapa saya. pagi ini setelah membaca coretan sheih, saya terus telepon emak saya yang berada di kampong.

    they say, you never know how deep and big you are capable to love until you have children of your own. how true. walaubagaimana susah pun sekarang ini menjaga dan membesarkan 2 orang anak saya ianya tidak dapat dibandingkan dengan keperitan hidup emak membesarkan saya dan adik beradik saya pada zalam hampir 30/40 thaun dulu.


  4. …zaman hampir 30/40 tahun dulu


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