Realtime & Latest Results of The 12th Malaysia General Election 2008 Here @ 2230hrs

i can’t help but to post the latest results (print screen) from here ! benci aku tengok TV1 dengan TV3 yang sugguh lembap giler updatenyer. hampeh je kan. haha

long live the broadband !


this is the latest unOFFICIAL result from

don’t you think the most realtime results should come from

the SPR’s website instead ?

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4 responses to “Realtime & Latest Results of The 12th Malaysia General Election 2008 Here @ 2230hrs

  1. yes,
    and i did went to and even for real time updates..
    but to no avail..
    guess a simple blogger like me wouldn’t matter to them

    emphbone’s last blog post..Enzymes


  2. dude.. kitorang layan astro Awani. Live update dol..

    melompat kitorang bila kuar result uncle samy kalah. it’s about time!


  3. after viewing your lin to Malaysia Kini, I did some leg work pergi cari all the TV streaming addresses. Later gonna try to use Google API create widget for streaming on to blogs (that’s lepas kita minum bebanyak nescafe la). Pastu NST and the Star were having ultra interactive Flash going in their pilihanraya sites.

    Anyway, I’m damn happy Khir Toyo has left the building. I wonder if the new ones are gonna be living up to their promises. But a bit skeptical about kemampuan Gwo-Burne ngan Hannah Yeoh since I live in their constituency.

    Jerry’s last blog post..The young triumphs over….


  4. emphbone : they have failed us before (suring tsunami, tremor etc) and they have failed us even more ! damnit. haha 🙂

    aini : awani pun hampeh gak la. haha 🙂

    jerry : hahahha new chapter for 5 states, haha 🙂


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