Realtime & Latest Results of The 12th Malaysia General Election 2008 Here @ 0230hrs


this is the latest unOFFICIAL result from

don’t you think the most realtime results should come from

the SPR’s website instead ?

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6 responses to “Realtime & Latest Results of The 12th Malaysia General Election 2008 Here @ 0230hrs

  1.!! banyaknya apdet pasal pilihanraya.. sampai taktau nk komen yg mana satu. hehehe

    one thing for sure, Kedah dimenangi oleh pembangkang. sekian. 😀

    Ixora’s last blog post..Whoopss!


  2. ixora : hahah where’re u last night and early this morning. so intense to update this website. ada a few times kena database error sekali. haha 🙂


  3. where am i last night? haha.. tercongok kt dpn tv since 7 o’clock (sbb nk tgk sin chan.muehehe) then ngadap tv3 until 1 am. tp last2 satu hapa pn taktau.. tak larat nk tggu kptsn dia smlm.. cuma tgk kt tmpt saya sape yg menang. tu je. pastu masuk tido sbb wordpress pn sengal je smlm. haha

    Ixora’s last blog post..Whoopss!


  4. ixora : heheheh wordpress ada kaitan ke ngan GE2008 eh ? hehe 🙂


  5. hahaha.. tatau la ada kaitan ke tak. ada kot pasal ramai blogger yg apdet pasal kptsn GE08.. tu pasal asyik ‘hang’ je smlm. hehehe

    Ixora’s last blog post..Step Forward : A must watch TV program


  6. ixora : hehehe mungkin juga ya 🙂


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