pangkor island escapade 2007 – the planning :)

need to do some research about lumut and pangkor island now 🙂

it’s time to sweat again at the mighty duck cup 2007 @ majlis perbandaran manjung hockey stadium for day 1 & cuti2 malaysia 2007 @ pangkor island beach escapade for day 2 & 3 🙂

lumut – general

  • lumut – by journeymalaysia
  • lumut – by

lumut/manjung/teluk batik – accommodation

pangkor island – general

pangkor island – accommodation

ferry from lumut to pangkor island


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5 responses to “pangkor island escapade 2007 – the planning :)

  1. Sound good. Maybe i should try to go to Pangkor Island for net holiday 🙂


  2. duosides : heheeeh pangkor mmg best 🙂


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  4. eh… lumut-kuale is only about 1.5 hours, unfortunately i have never been to pangkor. i know its one of the best place 😉


  5. kue : nope. i’ll be travelling from kl not kuale. hehehheeh 🙂 watch this space for pics on monday. heheheh 🙂


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