NxE’s Fifty Most Influential Bloggers 2007

NxE’s Fifty Most Influential Bloggers is here right now !

you can check who’s behind boingboing and technorati here fellas !

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4 responses to “NxE’s Fifty Most Influential Bloggers 2007

  1. apsal nama kau takde?? heheheh

    and why are the bloggers mainly IT people? takde ke orang2 dari industri hiburan mcm mrmanager ker, kau ker.. hehehe

    or is this for IT category?


  2. aini : hehehe blog baru sebulan la. tunggu la setahun nanti. haha. actually diaorang tuh mix background gak la.

    KNizam’s last blog post..Funny Thai Commercial – Very, Very Funny Fellas ! Haha 🙂


  3. depa tu dari mna???

    mana lah tau lepas ni ada malasian blogger pulak ke?? heheh

    kawaii_desu’s last blog post..Announcing the New Cabinet


  4. kawaii : depa dari silicon valley lah. rasanya malaysia kenalah buat award sendiri kot. haha 🙂


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