Nuffnang Sharing Session by The Apartment + Berbuka Puasa ! Hehe :)

nuffnang ni mmg active giler ah

owh lupa nak bagitau aku dah dapat 1st cheque aku

takdela banyak mana, cukup la nak bayar insurance aku. hehe

nanti la aku buat post special untuk 1st pay cheque aku from nuffnang

ni nak bagitau yg nuffnang ada buat sharing session

aku nak check whether aku sempat ke nak datang

hehe sure lah ada session buka puasa sekali kan nanti. hehe

cam cool je kan ! haha

Aside from all the wonderful food that will be served in the Ramadhan Buffet, bloggers will also be treated to a very special Listening Session which features Billy & Tuxedo. Be prepared to be charmed by Billy’s beautiful vocal performance later on in the evening.

The details of the upcoming Nuffnang Sharing Session are as followed;

Date : 13th September 2008
Time : 6.30pm (Registration)
Location : Apartment Downtown, KLCC
Pax available : 20

If you wish to attend this Nuffnang Sharing Session please do write in an email to with details such as your full name and your blog URL. Priority will be given to Glitterati members and those who have not attended any Nuffnang Sharing Session in the past. An invitation email will be sent out on next Thursday, 11th of September if you’re selected to attend this Sharing Session. The invitation is only valid for one (1) and not transferable to another.

Do not hesitate and start sending in your email now to buka puasa with your fellow Nuffnangers!

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