Now You Know How To Greet People In Icelandic !

for those who has the flickR account

do you notice the welcome greeting everytime you log in ?

it’ll display in different language in random order.

today (as for me), it’s in Icelandic ! hehe 🙂

how cool is that !

even cooler if it displays “Selamat Datang!”. hehe 🙂

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4 responses to “Now You Know How To Greet People In Icelandic !

  1. Pernah display malay language, but I didnt screen capture it

    NoktahHitams last blog post..Zarina Ann Julie, Seksi pon Nak Kecoh?


  2. nh : la ye ke. aku tak pernah dapat plak bahasa melayu tuh. 🙂


  3. wah… menunggu bila la nk dapat bm lak..haha

    izzats last blog post..List of All Malaysia’s Politician blogs : Opposition wins!


  4. izzat : tu la pasal biler nak keluar bahasa ibundaku. haha 🙂


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