“New Malaysian Essay Part 1” – By Various Authors of Malaysia :)

post-dinner shopping. situation over control

can’t resist to not step into this bookstore

as always, ended up buying a book

lucky that it’s only ONE book this time

unlike many other time, lots n lots of books. haha

go get yourself another book will ya !

and blog about it.

or at least feature it in your latest posting

book is like a medicine for me.

at least right now. haha

will the real bookaholic stand up ! hehe 🙂

saharil conteng pun ada bagi artikel dalam neh.


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5 responses to ““New Malaysian Essay Part 1” – By Various Authors of Malaysia :)

  1. best ke buku tu? think of buying it too..


    Fuqaha’s last blog post..Stupidity at its Best


  2. don’t worry! am a bit slow but will be writing about this. i have sort of read it already because i helped with the proofreading but i want to read it again more slowly to enjoy the pieces and intelligent content should be written about … um … intelligently!!

    bibliobibuli’s last blog post..An Alternative Bookfest!


  3. if i go to a book shop, i will end up buying comics .. lately 🙂

    due to the shorter time to read one but price is expensive. I do read books, but more on self help like personal finance titles from azizi ali. it’s been a while since i read my last fiction titled books.

    azwanhadzree’s last blog post..Tomorrow Is The Election Day


  4. it’s good to be bookaholic…unlike me, always think twice before buying any book..hehe

    but i think malaysian should read more la…

    rizalo’s last blog post..Is the grass truly greener on the other side?


  5. fuq : nampak cam best. aku belum baca lagi. hehe 🙂

    cikgu sharon : i am waiting for your review ya 🙂 hehe 🙂

    azwan : komik alam perwira lagi ke ? hehe 🙂

    rizalo : yep shud read more la kan 🙂


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