Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis Bersama Udang Black Pepper

Live Update: 2 May ’10, 3.58pm PKT PST | From: Nokia E71, Nokia N97 or iPhone 3Gs | Author: KNizam

amik ko senang siot ada cook ni kan
walaupun x reti masak masakan melayu
aku suruh prepare semua benda dan aku la tukang campaknya
hasil campakan hari ni mmg sedap siot
nasi goreng ikan bilis dengan udang, ko ado ?

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3 responses to “Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis Bersama Udang Black Pepper

  1. mak ai kecur..caner wat nieh?
    i wonder u punya tukang masak tu impress tak dengan masakan2 malaysia? 😀


    KNizam Reply:

    izzah : dia impress tapi takde perasaan la kan hehe 🙂


  2. As we are all discussing KNizam Artwerk » Blog Archive » Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis Bersama Udang Black Pepper, Peppers come from the colorful Capsicum family which splits into two main categories – sweet bell peppers and the spicy chilies, such as jalapenos. The difference arises from the presence of capsaicin in chilies but not in sweet bell peppers.


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