mee kolok kat param melawati

korang pernah makan mee kolok?

hah! ni la rupanya mee kolok. aku beli kat param melawati masa bulan puasa hari tuh.

mee kolok mcm mee sup cuma kuah sup tuh ada kicap dan warna hitam. kalau nak makan mee kolok neh kena la campurkan kicap tu dalam mee. tapi jangan banyak2 sebab nanti masin giler, kena darah tinggi la plaks. ahaks.

Kolok Mee is a type of noodle dish commonly found in Sarawak. It is served throughout the day – for breakfast, lunch or even supper. It is made of egg noodle, blanched in water that looks like instant noodle and served in a light sauce with some condiments like shredded beef.

The difference with Kolok Mee and the Wantan Mee, that is popular in Peninsular, is that Kolok Mee is not drenched in dark soy sauce and water is not added to the noodles when served. But the taste is still pretty amazing.

mee kolok neh banyak kat sarawak. dah asalnya pun kat sana kan. hehehheeh. tapi kalau pegi kuching, kena extra careful sebab ada gak mee kolok yang non halal. so kenalar tanya dulu tokei kedai tu whether dia serve mee kolok yang halal ke idak. jgn la dah ngap baru nak tanya. haru dowh nanti.

selamat mengolokkkan mee2 tersebut! 🙂

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2 responses to “mee kolok kat param melawati

  1. i enjoy the kolok noodles each time i go kuching. but they are usually mixed with RED sauce. i miss the dish. i became vegetarian and its hard to find a ‘replacement’ that is just as tasty.

    i suspect the word ‘kolok’ actually mean ‘dry’. i could be wrong… i forgot to ask my sarawakian frens, but in cantonese, kon lo (similar to kolok) means ‘mixed dry’.

    the other dish i also miss is the sarawak laksa…


  2. adriantai : glad 2 now that other people also enjoy mee kolok. heheheheh. i like laksa sarawak at laksa shack too 🙂


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