Maxis iPhone 3GS KLCC Flash Mob – 14th August 2009

perghhhh x perasan plak ada flash mob dance mcm kat overseas tuh

hehe gempaq la kan. hehe 🙂

seb baik la diaorang buat sebelum bulan puasa hari tu

paling ada lagu siti nurhaliza, joget apa ntah

lagu joget mmg seswai la buat dance cool giler mcm neh kan. hehe 🙂

cayalah malaysia!

source here ok

Malaysia’s first major dance flash mob took over Kuala Lumpur’s iconic KLCC in the center court area on Friday 14th August 2009 at 6.30pm, with over 100 dancers.

It began with a stage show of six dancers, before over 100 over members of the crowd joined in, catching everyone by surprise.

The first major dance flash mob in the country – the mob is the first of many to come.

Produced byJ² (J Squared) for Maxis, with various dance crews and non-dancers headed by Floor Fever, the event was in conjunction with the Maxis iPhone 3GS roadshow.

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7 responses to “Maxis iPhone 3GS KLCC Flash Mob – 14th August 2009

  1. sial gak la…aku ingatkan memula sikit jer..dh rasa bosan dh..nasib baik aku tgk smp abes..haha..mantap gak la..

    yang tak leh blah..ada mcik tua pakai tudung tuh..aku ingatkan mcik cleaner dh td..kalau dia berlakon jd mcik cleaner…confirm gempak!


    KNizam Reply:

    life4hire : hehe gempak gak la kan. makcik tuh yang tak tahan. paling aku respect sebab ada lagu joget. hehe 🙂


  2. walawei.. gempak seh.. tapi, cmne leh tetibe 100 lebih join lak ek…


    KNizam Reply:

    beliamuda : hehe semua dah kemaruk nak menari tuh. tapi cool gak la kan. hehe 🙂


  3. sama mcm T mobile advert london


    KNizam Reply:

    mojaro : yep dah worldwide sebenarnya style neh kan. hehe 🙂


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