Maxis 3.5G Connection Is Very Very Da Slow at Safari Resort, Kuala Kangsar. Damnit! Haha

just upgrade my room from the existing deluxe room to the executive room

fully carpeted room. unlike the deluxe room

quite a big room for me alone. haha

the room is cool. but not the internet connection

i can’t even view the available wireless connection

can’t enjoy the free connection like the previous deluxe room. huh

solution ?

switch to the maxis 3G wireless usb modem that i purchased rented

but the speed ? damn slow la. cannot tahan anymore

dah macam sipot babi je speednyer yop ! haha

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10 responses to “Maxis 3.5G Connection Is Very Very Da Slow at Safari Resort, Kuala Kangsar. Damnit! Haha

  1. eh,where are you exactly mr KNizam? jalan-jalan cari makan lagi ke? wow!

    Ixora’s last blog post..I’m so pissed off!


  2. kool beb.. biasak la kalo berada di’hujung2 garisan liputan laju.. ;p

    *hotel xde wireless sendiri ke?*

    Mohd Ismail’s last blog post..Selepas pilihanraya


  3. You seems to be everywhere, still in holiday issit?

    zaki blogjer’s last blog post..Use Office Communicator Logger to log your chat on Microsoft Office Communicator


  4. nampak gayanya siaran tergendala pulak ni???
    gambaq pengkomen dah takde??? 🙂 hehehe


  5. by the way my speed kat office:
    download: 1430kb/s
    upload: 1223 kb/s



  6. wah bestnya, pergi jalan-jalan lagi ke!


  7. wooo..perak intenet dh ok ker..sumer kawasan dpat heh..ak asal epoh..pnah try pki maxis wireless dgn hp 3G ak,superb laju tp duit ak pun superb hbiz..haha..nak online dgn celcom tp de problem dgn simcard..kne pergi centre utk aktifkan katenye gadis yg jge celcom teleinfo..hoho..

    awqi_zar’s last blog post..Twing.Com – Enjin carian untuk forum.


  8. ixora : kat kuale lagi ! haha 🙂

    ismail : hehe tengkiu2

    zaki blogjer : no la. sekarang kat kuale adjer. mana ada kat mana2 haha. 🙂

    kawaii : banyak sangat tergendala neh. propaganda u all ke hah ! haha 🙂

    noni : pegi jalan2 lagilah. hahaa gilah cuti2 malaysia ya 🙂

    awqi : kat kuale neh slow giler. line maxis 3G la kan. line lain tak tahu le plak yop ! haha 🙂


  9. psst celcom has the widest coverage hehe

    ucin’s last blog post..The Best Acoustic Cover Ever


  10. ucin : celcom pun lebey kurang je. member aku pakai celcom pun hampeh gak masa tuh. haha. 🙂


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