have u been 2 malaysia’s underwater world?

man i love scubadiving and snorkelling. it’s the underwater world that brings me to the majestic redang island in 2005. i have yet to visit perhentian nor tioman. i wish i have more hours these days to snorkel at the marine parks. seeing those corals really justified my existence in this Allah’s world. how small i am compared to the sea itself. it makes me feel good. don’t ya?

you should visit the flickr below. lots of underwater pics from malaysian scuba divers.

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One response to “have u been 2 malaysia’s underwater world?

  1. Pulau Kapas. Went snorkeling. Class trip. I tell you Malaysia has amazing beaches. Don’t spend money out the country, finish visiting all the islands this country has to offer and then start searching for gorgeous reefs elsewhere.

    Visit Malaysia 2007 people 🙂


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