Malaysian F1 Grand Prix 2009 : Jensen Button Steers To Win Through Rain – From BBC Sports Online

hehe akhirnya stewart decided x nak race lagi

giler ah dah la dah gelap kan. hujan lebat plak tuh

mmg bahaya dowh !

tahniah pada jensen button  !

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Jenson Button’s perfect start to the season continued as he won the Malaysian Grand Prix after the race was stopped early because of heavy rain.

Brawn GP’s English driver overcame a bad start off pole and drove superbly to ensure he was leading when a storm meant the race had to be declared over.

BMW Sauber’s Nick Heidfeld was second ahead of Toyota’s Timo Glock. World champion Lewis Hamilton was seventh.

Half points will be awarded to those drivers who finished in the top eight.

After an action-packed first race of the season in Australia – which Button also won in convincing fashion – the second race of the season lived up to the expectation that there would be more drama.

Yet safety was the prime concern as, following the arrival of the red flag after 31 laps, motorsport’s world governing body, the FIA, decided the race could not be restarted as they had run out of allocated time when the lightning and torrential rain has passed.

That decision was in theory backed by most drivers, some of whom had called for the race to be suspended over their team radio because of the atrocious conditions even before the safety car came out.

“The visibility is nothing,” said Renault’s Fernando Alonso before the race was officially called off.

“We could have a serious accident if we restart.”

Drivers stop in Sepang as a storm hovers overhead

Drivers come to a stop in Sepang as a storm unloads heavy rain on the track

Before weather conditions deteriorated the race itself was, ultimately, a tale of the continued dominance of new boys Brawn GP, especially Button, who put in a superb phase of driving between laps 17 and 19.

As the race leader Jarno Trulli pitted on lap 17, Brawn decided that Button – whose car had been loaded with extra fuel – should stay out for longer and he duly put in two of the fastest laps of the entire race.

The 29-year-old, who has now extended his lead at the top of the driver’s championship, had also put himself in that position having recovered from a poor start off pole.

Starting fourth, Williams’s Nico Rosberg made a superb charge to take an instant lead and was followed early on by Italian Trulli and – utilising his Kers on the first straight – Renault’s Fernando Alonso.

official standings from bbc sports online below :

jensen button siap bagi comment lagi tuh

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Race winner Jenson Button:

“Usually when it rains here it pours, but it didn’t happen like that today so tyre choice was very difficult. It was a very interesting race.

I still haven’t seen a chequered flag this year without a safety car in front.”

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12 responses to “Malaysian F1 Grand Prix 2009 : Jensen Button Steers To Win Through Rain – From BBC Sports Online

  1. Betul juga, kenapa kereta F1 tiada lampu depan atau lampu limpah macam kereta rally.

    Bagaimana pula dengan lampu isyarat membelok, lampu brek, dan lampu dalam kokpit warna biru macam org Malaysia pasang.

    Ada F1 bubuh ICE tak?


    KNizam Reply:

    selinap : ala kalau ada semua tuh tak rock la. hehe 🙂


  2. Aku tak pernak experience benda camni sejak mula minat F1. Akhirnya di cancel dan bagi separuh point…ok lah…tapi bagi peminat yang bayar sampai tahap beribu ringgit pakai duit sendiri, tak berbaloi…


    KNizam Reply:

    cyza : yep aku pun 1st time tengok benda neh jadi. cool kan. hehe 🙂


  3. laju gile bro Knizam update pasal F1 nih



    KNizam Reply:

    izzat : hehe biasalah tuh kan. hehe 🙂


  4. actually aku rasa sepang circuit ni kira not bad la..sbb tak ramai pun yg accident teruk..takat keta spin je

    ingat dulu kat track mana ntah..ramai gile accident sampai kena stop terus the race


    KNizam Reply:

    zamz : ala malaysians selamba je memecut dalam hujan kan. hehe diaorang neh siap semua suit semua tuh jalan je lah kan. hehe 🙂


  5. Igt lg dulu kalau time F1 mesti tunggu time diorg accident… Hehehe… Jahatkan.

    Tp xsuka tahun ni punya race sbb diorg lambatkan race semata2 tuk europe… Yg kat Malaysia ni terabai.


    KNizam Reply:

    chempak : tuh la kan. padan muka FIA. haha 🙂


  6. aku tengok kat tv jerr…. sekarang ni f1 kat sepang start petang.. kenapa tak buat cam dulu sebelah pagi


    KNizam Reply:

    hady : aku pun tengok kat tv gak. hehe patutnya start kul 3 ptg. hampeh la diaorang neh kan. hehe 🙂


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