Malaysia vs Argentina : 0-4 – 17 Minutes Left ! Come On Malaysia !

this is what we called as live blogging ! hehe 🙂

aku tengah tengok game hockey malaysia vs argentina live kat espn

argentina tengah lead 4-0

game lagi 17 minutes nak habis

apa cerita malaysia !

after superb performance against pakistan, this is not supposed to be right ?

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2 responses to “Malaysia vs Argentina : 0-4 – 17 Minutes Left ! Come On Malaysia !

  1. mohd taufik mustafa

    i’ve been following msia’s hockey team since the 1998 commonwealth games when msia did their best performance and got the 2nd place..n i’m a big fan for this my opinion msia’s hockey team since the 80’s which was the glory of our achievement,till these days,msia had never give the worst and shameful performance..if u compare to all of our nation’s sport achievement,hockey is the one n only sport that we can be proud of..msia’s team is well known as a team that full with striking spirit and had never give up although they get worst feedback from our own msian..our tactical plans also always frightened our opponents..big team such as the germany,india,pakistan n so on,had never get the easy way when facing with our team..for all the big team’s that been mentioned,as an out siders themselves realize that they have to work harder and give their all out whenever our team is their opponent..from all the games that involved msia’s team that i’ve been watched,it has never dissapoint me..though in some tournament we got less victory,but to me all of our losses aren’t the shame lost..for an example,we were almost to get the place in olympic games when faced with japan’s,but the bias of the umpiring made our team was totally not becoz of our boys fault,but it’s just that the lacking of the umpiring..we didn’t get our right to have the video umpiring whenever we to all msian that claimed they’re big fan of our nation hockey team,don’t ever blame our team without concrete reason,watch 1st an then only you can give your comment..


  2. taufik : thanks for the comments 🙂


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