Malacca BN Assemblymen Urged To Blog ?

hah ?

apa kesssssss ?


Malacca BN assemblymen urged to blog

MALACCA: The 23 Malacca Barisan Nasional assemblymen have been urged to set up their own blog to present their views on current issues while countering those put forth by the opposition.

Chief minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said that it was high time that Barisan Nasional assemblymen created their own blogs as the cyber medium is a new area for dissemination of information that had received little attention previously.

“I hope that all of the wakil rakyat here set up their own blogs as we need to present our views and to counter those made by the opposition.

“Blogging is new form of media that we must give attention to,” he told reporters after the closing ceremony of the Malacca Grand Invitational Endurance Ride 2008 at Stadium Hang Jebat on Sunday.

Admitting that his blog had been the target of hackers, he said he would however continue to pursue it and had requested the state’s IT unit to look into the matter.

“Response to my posting has been well received as now those with access to it can compare what we have been doing here in Malacca to that of the opposition in Penang and Selangor for example,” he added.

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11 responses to “Malacca BN Assemblymen Urged To Blog ?

  1. wah,semua sibuk nak ada blog nampaknya! haha

    Ixora’s last blog post..My Wish


  2. ixora : haha tu la pasal kan. hehe 🙂


  3. If every assemblyman have a blog, that will be very interesting. it will be more interesting if they record all their daily activities. I wonder whos blog will we subscribe to….

    zaki’s last blog post..Very Very Fast Update


  4. kalau dari dulu sedar the importance of this kan bagus, now org akan kata depa meniru je….

    hope something worth reading

    kawaii_desu’s last blog post..I’m going nuts!!!


  5. zaki : yep let’s wait n see shall we… hehe 🙂

    kawaii : haha tu la pasal kan. dulu kan main mencemuh lagi. haha


  6. lepas ni sapa nak jadi calon kena tau blogging…takpun blogger paling popular lagi senang nak jadi calon hahaha….apa lagi en knizam..leh join jadi politikus lepas ni hahahaha


  7. ha ah kan… jeff ooi did it…

    bro, u sokong gov, mesti jadi anak emas ni hehehe

    kawaii_desu’s last blog post..resolutions checkup


  8. apela….dulu kate bloggers ‘goblok’

    rizalo’s last blog post..Exam


  9. maen : hang bila nak ada blog ? hhaha

    kawaii : haha byk la. hehe

    rizalo : tu la pasal kan. hampeh je. 🙁


  10. knizam : tak sabau nak nengok blog oghang kg den ! hehe..

    maen : kalau kno jadi politikus, aku tak nak dgr kempen dia, aku nak pie makan sbb food sure best. food review pun pasti berbau politik hehe.. peace kno! 😛


  11. erlena : haha sure2. jemput makan semua. haha 🙂


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