maksis triji or selkom triji eh?

between maxis 3G and celcom 3G….

which is is better eh?

i am looking for unlimited access like my existing tmnet streamyx package. so far i am quite satisfied with my tmnet streamyx service at my area. so far so good.

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2 responses to “maksis triji or selkom triji eh?

  1. Actually, if ur just hang out in bigsity…. just get Maxis, if not, try get Digi. Why? Just only 120 per mont u get 2 sim card, for ur unlimited data, plus, the coverage is wide when ure outstation….


  2. For me, just take celcom triji… hehehe…. if you have ur streamyx account, if I not mistaken the monthly fee just rm88/month if not rm120…


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