Main Course, Seb Baik Ada Nasi Beb | Flight TG Thai Airways

Live Update: 2 Sep ’10, 4.04pm PKT PST | From: Nokia E71, Nokia N97 or iPhone 3Gs | Author: KNizam

perghhhhh gua dah la tgh lapar giler kan
seb baik la ada menu nasi neh, xdelah kebuloq kan
aku pun dah lupa apa kemendenyer lauk depa ni
xpe lain kali nanti aku akan snap kat menubook
senang nak recall makanan apa yg aku belasah kan

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2 responses to “Main Course, Seb Baik Ada Nasi Beb | Flight TG Thai Airways

  1. salam. I can feel your pain, man. I was abroad back in 2005 and was in hell when could not eat rice. I’m a rice junkie too but I’m free now. I don’t rely on rice anymore. heck, nowadays, I eat 1 meal a day, instead of the normal 3 for Malaysian. I think we should eat less rice and substitue our craving for carb with other food like bread or pasta


    KNizam Reply:

    irwan : hehe sama la kan hehe 🙂


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