Loon Design Blog & ThemeTation Blog ! Awesome & Cool ! Hehe :)

click at the image below to get into their cool website

like the cartoon character at the header.

what a hairstyle. hehe 🙂

both are manned by the same owner

really like their simple yet elegant design

the black background is so cool !

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4 responses to “Loon Design Blog & ThemeTation Blog ! Awesome & Cool ! Hehe :)

  1. Loon Design is popular because he is one of the authors in psdtuts.com. Impressive resume i believe.


    fuqahas last blog post..Want a Good House for Joomla! In Malaysia?


  2. thanks for reviewing and introducing my sites 🙂


  3. The one that he’s giving free pun not bad.


  4. fuq : mmg cool la design dia. neat je kan. hehe 🙂

    kailoon : no prob 🙂

    azwan : tu la cun gak theme tuh kan. hehe 🙂


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